About Bruce Haynes

IMG_0379Anyone who knows me knows I like to talk.  I’m a Southerner.  My Dad was a mailman (yes John Kasich, you’re not the only one), one grandfather ran a local grocery, and the other was a cop nicknamed “Gabby”. All three, always around people, talking. I was born this way. Hence, the blog name.

Inevitably I wanted a place where I could write things I wanted to say and share things I’ve said.  So, here we go, rambling on.

Me? I’ve talked my way into some pretty good things through the years.  I’m a founding partner and president of Purple Strategies, where I work with Alex Castellanos, Steve McMahon, Mark Squier, Robin Roberts and over 70 other immensely talented people from both the world of politics (both sides, Red & Blue make Purple) and brand.  It’s fun, challenging work on industry image, corporate reputation and advocacy campaigns for some of the world’s best known brands and people.

Speaking of politics, I’ve talked my way into a few interesting things there too.  At National Media Inc., we’ve served presidents, the RNC, the NRCC, NRSC, Senators, Governors and Congressmen.  I was also Chief-of-Staff to South Carolina Congressman Bob Inglis and a staff counsel to two-term South Carolina Governor Carroll Campbell.

Other places you might hear me rambling are at the Arthur W. Page Society, a membership of Chief Communications Officers of Fortune 500 companies and the CEOs of the world’s largest public relations companies; the Government Relations Committee of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA’s); and, the President’s Advisory Council of Furman University.

I’ll talk just about anywhere; to reporters, CEO’s, classrooms, radio and tv shows and anyone interested in politics, culture, sports and issues of faith – all things I care about a great deal.

Oh, the BEST thing I’ve ever talked my way into?  My marriage and family. Thanks most of all to my bride Catherine, and children Walker, Lawson and Caroline for listening to me.   I love you.

Thanks for listening everybody!

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Saint Catherine the Great

Saint Catherine the Great


My “teammates” Lawson (L) and Walker (R)

Version 2

Daughter Caroline, being brought up properly in the finer ways of doing things