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What is Lindsey Graham Up To Anyway?


22 years ago I worked in the legal office of one of South Carolina’s greatest Governors, Carroll A. Campbell Jr.  During my last year there I had the privilege to meet a bright, charismatic newly elected member of the State House of Representatives.  You could say he’s gone on to slightly bigger and better things… like running for President.  Mary Troyan of USA Today called (Thanks Mary) and asked for a few thoughts on his campaign, and I was happy to ramble on…

“It plays well in South Carolina where you have a strong military establishment … but it also plays well in certain parts of the Pentagon,” said Bruce Haynes, a Republican consultant who has worked in South Carolina politics. “He’s not doing anything to hurt him in his base home state and he’s not doing anything to hurt himself as a potential defense secretary.”

Graham Sounds Alarm on National Security Issues